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Surveys & Valuations

The Mortgage Key Ipswich

Valuation for Mortgages Purposes

– is based on a limited inspection of a property to confirm its market value. It is not a survey of the condition of the property and may therefore not mention matters that could affect your decision to go ahead with the purchase. A valuation for mortgage purposes is designed for the lender only, although clients generally receive a copy as in most cases they are asked to pay for it.

Home Buyer Survey and Valuation

– this type of survey is usually suitable for conventional properties that have been built within the last 150 years and are in a reasonable condition. A Home Buyer Survey Valuation concentrates on the essentials of the construction and highlights any defects or problems which are significant or in need of expert attention.

Building Survey

– is a more in-depth examination of a property. All accessible parts of the property are examined as standard; however the survey can be tailored to ensure that any specific requirements or particular areas of concern about the building are fully investigated. A Building Survey is suitable for all types of property but is especially recommended for older properties, listed buildings or those constructed in a non-traditional way.